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Encore Media Metrics helps customers measure and optimize digital media through data-driven insights while reducing the complexity of advanced analytics. Encore solves the "last-click" problem by using proven algorithmic models to attribute fractional credit to each impression and click, enabling marketers to see the true performance of paid, owned and earned media. Encore's clear and actionable recommendations enable customers to optimize campaigns effectively and efficiently producing compelling gains in ROI from digital media.

 “Encore’s platform delivers robust analysis, insights and recommendations we need to optimize campaigns with confidence. Their insights deliver clarity to the enormous data we generate. By coupling this with the control and flexibility built into its dashboard, Encore has created a smart and effective solution for a marketers of all sizes.”

- Gunnard Johnson, SVP Analytics, Centro and Google’s former Director of Adverstising Research

Advertisers: Use our comprehensive analysis of paid, owned and earned media to reduce waste and optimize spend across and within channels. 

Media Vendors: Validate the impact of your media through objective, 3rd party attribution modeling, analysis and reporting of the true impact of each placement.  

Encore’s BETTER, FASTER, EASIER approach removes the guesswork from measurement while minimizing the level of effort required by our customers.  We take care of the planning, setup, data aggregation, analysis and reporting, providing time-starved clients with the insights they need to maximize ROI quickly and effectively.

To learn more about Attribution and Encore’s Approach, Platform and Reporting Capabilities, visit our Solution page or Contact Us. Our Privacy Policy is available here.

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November 14, 2014
Encore Launches New Attribution Platform


"Encore's analytics are thorough, meaningful, and valuable in mapping our customer's journey."

- Digital Media Director, Global Fashion Retailer